Physical Therapy


Injuries are an unfortunate part of any lifestyle.  They can occur from accidental events, poor body mechanics, repetitive movements, disease, or from subtle damage due to everyday wear and tear on the body.  Just as all injuries are unique, the therapeutic treatment used to heal the injury must be unique and personalized accordingly.  That is why at Fusion we start with a comprehensive, individualized evaluation and a thorough medical history.  Therapists can then evaluate the extent of the patient’s ailment and his or her ability to perform certain movements or tasks.  Once the problems and the patient’s level of physical interaction are identified, an individualized treatment plan is developed to begin the healing process.  We use a hands-on approach to correct and heal the disorders that are causing pain, limiting function or performance at a higher level.  Our therapists are skilled at identifying the subtle changes in the body and its environment and developing the best exercise and wellness program for success.